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 Employer Information        


This section is designed to provide you with resources to keep you up to date in today's changing job climate. Please refer back to this section in the future as it is constantly being updated with new information to help make being an employer an easier task.


Discovering People Newsletter
           Handy information for employers.                   

Issue 1:  "What makes us want to change jobs?"

Issue 2: "What will make me happy at work?"

Issue 3. "The forgotten value of dedication"

Issue 4: "Work hard, make the boss rich"

Issue 5: "Managing the Human Face Of Change"

This newsletter is printed once every quarter.  To obtain a hard copy or any back issues please contact our office or e-mail: news@discoveringpeople.com.au and we would be happy to post you a copy.  

Monthly Update Flyer
         Regular industry updates and important information.


Issue 54. What to do about low workplace morale?

Issue 53. Staff Retention

Issue 52. It pays to help new staff start right

Issue 51. Pre-Employment Screening

Issue 50. Bullying in the Workplace

Issue 49. Creating Team Spirit

Issue 48. Performance Reviews - A Continuous Process

Issue 47. How To Survive In This Candidate Shortage Market?

Issue 46. How to get the Best Service from Your Recruitment Consultant

Issue 45. How to Harness the Power of Praise

Issue 44. Documentation - Avoid Legal Issues

Issue 43. Seeking a New Breed of Employee?

Issue 42. Negotiation

Issue 41. Workplace Bullies

Issue 40. Cycle of Failure

Issue 39. Poaching clients at the touch of a button

Issue 38. Success Breeds Success

Issue 37. How Can Temporary Staff Make Your Life Easier?

Issue 36. Implications of Aggressive Behaviour

Issue 35. Beware of the 'Silly' Season

Issue 34. Are you an Effective Leader?

Issue 33. Encouraging Entrepreneurial Thinking

Issue 32. Employee Attitude Surveys

Issue 31. Sick and Tired Of It

Issue 30. Helping Employees Achieve Higher Performance

Issue 29. Avoid Unfair Dismissal Claims

Issue 28. Trust In The Workplace

Issue 27. Protect Your Business- Don't give a job to illegal worker

Issue 26. "Work / Life Balance Top Priority"

Issue 25. "Retaining Talent - Crucial in Economic Downturn / Outplacement - Benefits Company & Employee."

Issue 24. "The Nature of Change - Involve your People."

Issue 23. "Meetings with a Difference – Fun!"

Issue 22. "New Age Thinking - Don't Miss out on Quality Staff"

Issue 21. "Perks - Make your staff feel valued!"

Issue 20. "Unfair Dismissal"

Issue 19. "Anti-Discrimination - Are you at risk?"

Issue 18. "The Exit Interview"

Issue 17. "Salary Levels - Are you up-to-date?"

Issue 16. "Retaining the best - What can I do?"

Issue 15. "Improving the job - increasing employee ownership."

Issue 14. "Do you want to be a motivating manager and inspire motivated teamwork?"

Issue 13. "Alternative Work Schedules. Something to think about!"

Issue 12. "A New Breed of Employee"

Issue 11. "Helping Managers Attack the De-motivators"

Issue 10. "How to Reduce Stress in the Work Place"

Issue 9.  "Would you like to create a more enjoyable and productive work environment for you and your staff? Then start having fun!"

Issue 8. "Chalk and Cheese – Working in a Diverse Environment"

Issue 7.  "How Can I help in Motivating my Staff?"

Issue 6. "How can professional temporary staff make your life easier?"

Issue 5. "How to get the most from your Recruitment Consultant"

Issue 4. "How to deal with the Candidate Shortage"

Issue 3. "The Top Ten Ways to Motivate Employees"

Issue 2. "Study Sounds Warning on new Breed of Employees"

Issue 1. "What value can you put on experience?"


This newsletter is emailed out once a month.  To be added to the mailing list please contact our office or e-mail: news@discoveringpeople.com.au and we would be happy to include you on the mailing list.



For all the latest information in regards to Employer Issues visit the Department of Industrial Relations Web Site




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