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                Candidate Helpful Tips     


This section is designed to provide you with all the resources you need to secure your ideal job. Please refer back to this section in the future as it is constantly being updated with new handy hints, helpful tips and other useful information to help make your job hunting a success.

1. What employers look for:
The value of an up to date CV and how to prepare it.
2. Writing the perfect resume:
An example of a resume with the ideal content, layout and details.
3. Some Do's and Don'ts for interviews:
Last minute tips to ensure your interview is a success.
4. The lighter side of interviews:
Don't worry this won't happen to you!

          Monthly Update Flyer
         Regular industry updates and important information.

Issue 37. Job Satisfaction


Issue 36. Unemployed? Be TEMPted!

Issue 35. Action Stations


Issue 34. Improve your skills, Improve your Opportunities!


Issue 33. Resume Fraud


Issue 32. Bullying in the Workplace


Issue 31. Selling Yourself Successfully


Issue 30. Confidence Is The Key!


Issue 29. What does the Advertisement Really Mean?


Issue 28. Look Before You Leave!


Issue 27. How To Find My Career Path?


Issue 26. Build Your Credibility When Starting a New Job


Issue 25. Difficult Issue of Resigning


Issue 24. Be Tempted! Is Temping for you?


Issue 23. Cover It! How to write a cover letter

Issue 22. New Year New Job

Issue 21. Negotiation


Issue 20. Attitude works Wonders


Issue 19. One CV does not fit all applications


Issue 18. Enjoy Your Job

Issue 17. Happy Days

Issue 16. Is Temping Really For You?

Issue 15. Passion Pays Off

Issue 14. Coping with Rejection

Issue 13. Game Plan

Issue 12. Make Redundancy Your Lucky Break


Issue 11. Thinking Beyond Cash - Pay Rise Alternatives

Issue 9. How useful is the Internet in finding a new job?

Issue 7. Redundancy - A Fresh Start to your Working Life

Issue 5. How should you answer the 10 toughest job interview questions?

Issue 3. What am I worth?

Issue 1. Employment and the Olympic Games


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