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The following is an example of an "Ideal Resume" that contains all the elements that employers look for when considering a candidate for an interview. Please feel free to base your own resume on this example when applying for a position.



Personal details
You are not obliged by law to include information on age, marital status or nationality

Contact numbers
Always include your telephone number and address.
Academic results
Be specific about your education and professional qualifications. State your school and, if aged under mid-twenties, include your results. Include your university course and date of graduation.


Resume 30/6/99

Sharon Smith

PERSONAL DETAILS                                                                        
Date of Birth 1st March, 1975                                                                                  
Marital Status Single                                                                                                   
Nationality Australian                                                                                             
Residence 10 Brown Street
Hilldale  NSW 2000                                                                          
Phone Home: (02) 9999 9999
Work: (02) 9888 8888
Mobile: 0416 000 000                                                                               
EDUCATION DETAILS                                                                     
Education Qualification: Higher School Certificate
Year: 1992
TER: 80.50
School: Hilldale High School                                                         
Qualification: Bachelor of Business
Major: Accounting
Year: 1996
University: Wollongong University

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Professional qualifications
State your qualifications, with date and any prize gained.
Computer skills
Indicate knowledge of systems or programs that you are proficient in. If you have poor or no computer skills exclude any reference.
If you are fluent in a language, particularly an Asian language, you should include this skill and your proficiency.


Resume 30/6/99

Sharon Smith

SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE                                                              
Current position Assistant Accountant (NSW)
AD Industries Pty Ltd                                                       
Current salary $45,000                                                                    
Professional    Qualifications      CPA: 1998
Computer   Operating  Systems                              Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.0, Win3.x                                                             
Computer Applications Lotus Notes 4.5, Microsoft Office 97 including   Word & Excel, Lotus Smartsuite 97 including Lotus 123, M.Y.O.B., Attache.                                        
Touch Typing Speed 40 Words per minute                                                            
Data Entry Speed 8000 Keystrokes per hour                                                   
Languages Japanese (fluent)                                                                  
Leisure interest Tennis, reading and fine art.

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Display your most recent position first and work backwards (using months and years in the dates) giving less space to earlier jobs.


Responsibilities and Achievements
Include the experience relevant to a particular job.

These do not have to appear on the resume, although be prepared to provide references on request. State that you have business references available.


Resume 30/6/99

Sharon Smith

CAREER HISTORY                                                                             
March 1996 to Present AD Industries Pty. Ltd.                                                             
Company Description AD Industries is an industrial group with an $800m turnover.  Manufacturing sites are situated throughout Australia.                                                                                        
Position Assistant Accountant NSW  (1996 to Present)                                      
Responsibilities - Preparing Trial Balances, Income statements and Balance sheets.  - Preparing cash flow reports, budgets and variance analysis reports. - Preparing other various reports eg. analysis of accounts. -Maintaining general and special ledgers such as fixed assets etc. - Preparing and verifying journal entries including accruals, prepayments, wages etc.   - Reconciliations                                                                                        
Achievements Implementing a new computer system within the accounts department to streamline procedures.                     
Reason for Leaving To advance my career to the next level.

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This is an example only for the purpose of suggesting that a CV should be a maximum of 2-4 pages.