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 What makes us want to 

change jobs?

One of the most important things in our lives is our work.  Studies have shown that for many Australian, the job encompasses identity, self worth and image to family and friends.  A job change or a job loss is a major life change which can be an emotionally charged experience not only for ourselves but for those around us.

There are often three common factors in our decision to change jobs.

1.     More money

This is not a greed grab, it is simply a desire to better ourselves and often to test out value in the marketplace. What are my services worth? Having done that night study, are my skills more valued elsewhere? I am emotionally testing my own internal image of myself and my own value systems by going into the market for a new job. And when I get it (with more money) I have moved a step further in my appreciation and reinforcement of my positive self image.

2.     Job satisfaction

A recent study by one of the major union groups in Australia has shown that job satisfaction is actually more important than money. Am I respected and valued? These are highly important parts of how we see ourselves. If we are being devalued in our work place, then over time this will affect other relationships and my future. We will often change jobs to look for that place where we have an appreciative employer and a fulfilling work process.

3.     Changing circumstances 

Often, our circumstances change. A divorce, a family move or a mid-life experience can precipitate a desire to do things differently. If you’ve been in a pressure cooker job, loved it for 10-15 years and then see another way of living, you may want to change your employment to fit your new life style ambitions.

Whatever the motivation for changing jobs, there is a process which will deliver a better outcome for your future. In future issues of this Newsletter (available on request) we’ll cover these and many other topics surrounding this most important part of life framework – our job.


What an employer can do to keep 'A valuable asset' - their team members.

You’re an employer who’s read the "changing jobs" article elsewhere in this issue. If you take just a few minutes to review your staff, do you see any signs in any of them which indicates change?

Having a stable team is more than just being a sensitive new age employer.

What is often unrecognised in the current high tech society with an increasing number of singles, divorcees and transient workers is that the job represents a second family. Often the job represents more family to a worker than their own, who may be geographically and emotionally distant.

The employer who recognises this issue of family is on a roller coaster which will produce in the end a very satisfying result. How to create family in the workplace?

That’s the subject of coming issues. Watch this space.


Quotes from the professions:

"Employment law can be a minefield and a disincentive to employers to employ. It need not be. A consistent system of documenting discussions with employees which may lead to termination will often avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding and many unfair dismissal claims…"

Rolf Howard - Solicitor/Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers

"Marketing is the common sense understanding of your product and service’s benefit to an identifiable group and the will to communicate it and supply to tat market’s needs and wants"

Geoff Holt - Director, Leonard Communications and Marketing

"The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things, of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, and cabbages and Kings."

"The GST, a ‘new tax system’ is like the Walrus; if you seek timely advice about running your business enterprise now, the transition to the consumption tax system should be revenue neutral to your business cash flow."

Richard Saunders - Registered Taxation Adviser & Financial Consultant, RIS


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