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The forgotten value of 


The Sydney Olympics - one of the events of a lifetime, symbolises the pinnacle of dedication. Hidden inside every gold medal competitor is the virtue of dedication which is easily forgotten in the continuing media hype. It is dedication which has enabled each athlete to reach the public stage of competition; to get up and go through the rigours of a daily, demanding training regime. It is dedication that enables athletes to live through disappointment and failure and to still press on. The professional sporting arena may seem a far cry from where we work, and we may think that "There is no gold medal for me at my job." However within the framework of a dedicated approach to work there are rewards beyond value.


The value to your team members

The real Australia has always been built on loyalty and mateship. It has been this concept of helping each other which has built our nation and our legends. However, we are now seeing change, where suddenly it is the "me" generation- what is important is what affects "me". If that attitude is applied to the workforce, there are egos at stake and a potential war zone. Your dedication to your work will show in a different attitude to others and a willingness to pitch in. It is qualities such as these that will make for a true Australian workplace.

The value to your employer

Here’s a contentious thought - the boss is better off, so why give them value? They’ve got enough already, so I’ll do as little as I can get away with while I think about what I do outside work. Interesting perception, why not think of it this way…If the company does well, you do well, you get to keep your job and create opportunities for yourself and your future. Dedication to the success of your company, is dedication to your long term well being and dedication ultimately to yourself.

The reward for yourself.

This is where dedication really pays off. There is, hidden inside all of us, a desire to know that at the end of the day we have done well. So even if no one else noticed, something has been done with a willing spirit and a standard which reflects well on you. There’s a lot of ego in this, and the best kind of employee is the one that is dedicated to this approach and achieves it. For every Olympic competitor, win, lose or draw, it is the dedication to achieve that is rewarding.


Be dedicated to these three: your workmates, the boss, and yourself. These are the keys to achievement in any office, factory or social environment.


A Place for you.

One secret of a stable and effective workplace.

Each of us needs to know where we belong in our societal structure. This is a deep desire, which drives us at all levels.

The aware manager will observe the way in which people try to establish their place within a work environment. "Place" is a powerful motivator, but if it gets out of hand, it can be hugely de-motivating and disturbing to the company structure.

The clear establishment of place and responsibility for team members will create a performance attitude which is healthy, because everyone knows their boundaries. When the boundaries are defined and part of a shared value/goal system for the company, then real workplace relations begin.

This is not to introduce a nightmare of paperwork job descriptions into the office, it is to reassure everyone of their contribution and value.

When you are assured of your worth, when you are affirmed in your place and your area of operation, then you will contribute to the company’s overall well-being with a happy and committed attitude.

Quotes from the professions:

"Brand identity in the mind of the consumer is half the battle for your product’s sales success. Clearly defined features and benefits makes for a more reasoned and loyal product choice in the marketplace."

-Geoff Holt. Director. Leonard Communications and Marketing

"It is important in any business large or small to have a human resources policy. Know why you employ people and what you want them to achieve. Write it down for your own benefit of employees. Circulate the policy to staff. Most people want to do the right thing by their employer and it is easier if they know what the boss is looking for. Then be consistent.

Conduct regular appraisals of the performance of staff in accordance with the published policy. That way good employees will be encouraged. Poor employees will not be surprised and will have no complaint when asked to move on" 

- Rolf Howard, Partner, Owen Hodge Lawyers


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