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    Having Problems Negotiating?

    Annette Turner Duggan has produced an article that highlights the reasons why some negotiations may be problematic, and possible solutions.

    The premise of the article largely revolves around the attitude that one takes into a negotiation. Dr. Terence Sheppard shows that having a bad perception of the other group in the negotiation can be detrimental.

    ‘“When faulty models of negotiation are used, the attention of the participants is spent over-analysing what is being said, looking for tricks, double meanings and innuendos. This can cloud the real issues and can create unreal expectations of the negotiation process and outcomes of the process”’

    Duggan goes on to list the ways that a negotiation might be improved. She notes,

    • Listening

    • Share Information

    • Communicate

    • Remain Flexible

    • Be Creative

    • Remain Calm and Emotionally Detached

    All these help contribute to the “win-win model”. This turns around the attitude that in order for one person to benefit the other has to be conquered.

    Sheppard emphasises that negotiation has to encompass genuine compromise. Respecting the needs of the person/group with which you are liaising will hopefully result in a satisfactory agreement all-round.

    (Source: Annette Turner Duggan, ‘The Art of Negotiation’, My Business, May 2003)

    The article notes, ‘Dr. Terence Sheppard, leading management educationalist, psychologist and managing director of Sheppard Consulting Group’; and ‘Annette Turner Duggan is advisor, education and training, Business SA.’

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