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    Meetings with a Difference Fun!

    Australian business people spend millions of hours in meetings each year. Are we accomplishing the results to justify this investment of time?

    Fun can be the catalyst for an effective meeting. Used appropriately, fun and humour can relieve meeting tedium and level the hierarchical playing field to create an atmosphere that encourages honest dialogue, risk taking and the sharing of ideas. Make the most of your meetings by making them more effective. Challenge yourself to incorporate several new ideas into the design of your next meeting.

    • Adults learn and retain information best through interaction and involvement.
    • Individuals process information best when you can stimulate their senses.

    Take advantage of these special opportunities every time you gather by giving your colleagues something to look at, something to listen to and something to do. Enliven your meetings and presentations with a sense of humour and fun and find out how productive and creative your co-workers can be.


    • An Arthur Anderson office has changed their weekly meetings into half-hour "coffee talks" in their own space. The challenge is to find a creative way to share information in a short amount of time. For example, the production group wanted to let everyone know about changes in roles and responsibilities taking place within their department. They prepared a skit, dressed up and presented a talk show format with Sally Jessy Rapheal as the hostess. Food is available most of the time, which encourages participation. Everyone looks forward to these meetings!

    Reference: 301 ways to have fun at work Dave Hemsath & Leslie Yerkes

    Latest Unemployment Figures

    6202.0 Labour Force, Australia, Preliminary
    EMBARGO: 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 13/09/2001



    • increased by 77,300 to 9,213,200. Full-time employment rose by 72,600 to 6,626,700 while part-time employment rose by 4,600 to 2,586,500.
    • decreased by 5,100 to 668,900. The number of persons looking for full-time work increased by 2,900 to 511,700 and the number of persons looking for part-time work fell by 8,000 to 157,200.
    • decreased by 0.1 percentage point to 6.8%. The male rate decreased by 0.2 percentage points to 7.0% and the female rate remained at 6.5%.
    • NSW 6.0% (5.9% last month); Vic 6.3% (6.4%); Qld 8.2% (8.1%); SA 7.3% (7.9%); WA 6.9% (7.2%); Tas 9.7% (9.3%).

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