Discovering People

Do you want to be a motivating manager and inspire motivated teamwork?


For some organisations an emphasis on teamwork has emerged because of the need for cross-functional cooperation. In others, the use of teams has been an attempt to compensate for downsizing or restructuring. We tend to forget that organisations are about people and the relationships developed while working together. Also, we often forget it is teamwork that moulds individuals into a community and motivates them to achieve more.

Trying to make a difference and having the opportunity to work closely with others to achieve a goal, are two of the most powerful motivators for accomplishing challenging work. Put these two things together and you have the potential for a high performing team. If you are going to be effective at building a motivated team, you must begin with ensuring that you are motivated and are motivating to your staff. Then, if you understand how people inter-relate, you can inspire team spirit and increase motivation to drive the members of your team. One way of inspiring motivational teamwork is to show your employees that you care about them. Motivating managers care about leading, they care about their staff and what their organisations do. The act of caring motivates them and it motivates those around them.

How do I do this? Managers who care:

  • Make their employees feel good about the work they are doing
  • Find out what their employees are really good at
  • Ask their employees what they like to do
  • Encourage a team to do more than all of its members could do as individuals
  • Work with their employees as colleagues, not over them as bosses
  • Excite their employees about doing things they never considered doing
  • Treat people consistently and fairly
  • Really listen to what their employees have to say and
  • Build teamwork among staff and managers.

Showing that you genuinely care about people is inexpensive and it requires only a minimum amount of energy. Yet it can greatly build up the assets of any company human assets.

"We are all in this together were a team."

Source "Motivating Employees" authors Anne Bruce & James S Pepitone