Discovering People

How to deal with the Candidate Shortage

Many companies (and recruitment agencies for that matter) have been feeling the pinch of a candidate shortage in the employment market.   Although statistics point to high unemployment, a closer look reveals that unemployment is specific to certain people profiles in identifiable regional areas - the unskilled, young and the long-term unemployed. For the most part, highly sought after candidates are already employed. So attracting the right people is a matter of giving them a good reason to leave their current employer.

Here are some ways of getting around the problem the job market is facing at the moment:

Be quick! – Most candidates register with a number of agencies when seeking a new position. If you do come across a resume that looks good, organise an interview straight away. And if you have seen a candidate you like, don’t hesitate to make a decision. Remember, if you are interested in this candidate, be certain that other companies are as well.

Be flexible – for example, you might be looking for someone who has advanced Word Processing skills. You have interviewed a candidate who has an excellent attitude, fits into the culture of your company but only has intermediate Word skills. Invest some time in training. You can teach someone new skills however you can’t teach them the right attitude.

What makes your company different – Why should a candidate join your organisation rather than another one that offers both the same salary and role? Think about what your company can offer whether it is regular training, career growth, flexibility or staff discounts on products/services.

Prepared by Mireille Levrault B.A. Recruitment Consultant - Permanent Division