Discovering People

Improving the job - increasing employee ownership.  

Managers ÷ letÔs look at the way our employees work. How are their jobs designed? Can management redesign roles to increase motivation? Here are some ways to improve job satisfaction for employees.

  • Job design ÷ the way that tasks are combined to form complete jobs. Job re-design focuses on changing tasks and overall function.
  • Job rotation ÷ the periodic shifting of an employee from one task to another. This is effective when an activity is no longer challenging for an employee. The strength of job rotation is that it reduces boredom by diversifying the employeeÔs activities. There are also many benefits for the organisation including flexibility in scheduling work, adapting to change, and filling job vacancies.
  • Job enlargement ÷ the horizontal expansion of jobs. Increasing the number and variety of tasks that an employee performs will result in a role with more diversity.
  • Job enrichment ÷ the vertical expansion of jobs resulting in increased responsibility and higher order skills. It increases the degree to which the employee controls the planning, execution and evaluation of their work. An enriched job allows an employee to complete an activity, increases the employeeÔs freedom, independence, responsibility and provides feedback. This also allows an employee to assess and correct their own performance.

How can management enrich an employeeÔs job?

  1. Combine tasks
  2. Create identifiable and purposeful tasks
  3. Establish relationships
  4. Expand jobs vertically
  5. Open feedback channels 
Written by Corrine McDonald B.Sc    Assistant Manager. 
Latest unemployment rates
 Unemployment  -  decreased by 10,200 to 613,500.  
 Unemployment Rate  -  decreased by 0.1 percentage point to 6.3%. NSW 5.5%  
 (5.5% last month); Vic 6.3% (6.2%); Qld 7.5% (7.5%); SA 7.5% (7.6%); WA 5.9% (6.4%); Tas 9.8% (10.0%).  
Source - Australian  Bureau of  Statistics