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St George District Small Business Awards

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients who nominated our business for the 2001 Small Business Awards (professional services category).  We are very proud of this award.  We appreciate your recognition and support and we are enthusiastic to continue offering you an outstanding recruitment service.

Perks – Keep your staff feeling valued!

In today’s climate of cutbacks, sharp salary increases are rare. But employers still want to hang on to good staff. So that means companies are having to improvise and more and more are offering perks that don’t directly impact on the bottom line. According to organisational psychologist Dori Wisniewski, "employers cannot afford to lose their staff and the knowledge they possess, but fewer are able to offer salary rises this year."

Today, perks are more important than ever. Workplace benefits are becoming less finance orientated and more family focused. There is also an emphasis on matching benefits to suit individual needs. Companies are starting to tailor their personal requirements to attract staff, then personalise perks to retain them. There is a growing recognition that employees want to be treated as individuals. In today’s climate, companies often cannot pay more than their competitors therefore are offering benefits to make their employees feel of value.

Ideas from other organisations:

* A freezer full of ice cream – New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Company
Pizza lunches
* Gym membership
* Subsidised canteen
* Days off
* Training courses

Source: Sydney Morning Herald – Rosanna McGlone-Healey June 16, 2001

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