Discovering People

A New Breed of Employee

For a long time temps have been perceived by employers as people who are either saving to go overseas, have been unsuccessful in finding permanent positions in their chosen field or have limited skills. Over the past decade the temporary workforce has seen extraordinary growth within all industries and with that has come a new breed of temporary employee. For many, temping is a career choice that provides them with flexibility, variety and the opportunity to work in various industries.

Traditionally the IT, Finance, Construction and Hospitality industries have used temporary staff for many years. Increasingly however, opportunities have arisen in Marketing, Accountancy, Teaching and Law fields that do not have a strong history of using temporary services. According to Mark Carmichael of the Recruitment Consulting Services Association of Australia, evidence points to the workforce continuing to gravitate towards temporary and contract work in the future.

As it stands, the winners are highly skilled temps (especially in IT and Accounting) who are operating in a job market where demand outstrips supply. With this comes the ability to command higher rates of pay. Moreover, top temps have the security of knowing that they are able to pick and chose assignments due to an abundance of work offered by over 2300 agencies in Sydney alone.

In order to keep reliable and skilled temporary staff loyal, many recruitment agencies not only need to pay competitively, but have also opted to put together a reward system. These incentives programs include things such as free movie passes, temp of the month awards, gift vouchers and bonuses on the completion of projects. And if international precedents are anything to go by, temps may soon accrue paid holidays on a pro-rata basis as they do in New Zealand and Great Britain.