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How can professional temporary staff make your life easier?

Today's competitive and changing business environment requires a flexible workforce to cope with additional demands. Rather than stretching the resources of permanent employees and decreasing productivity, why not consider using temporary staff as an alternative.

For many managers, the convenience of using temporary staff is very appealing. For many others however, the benefits of using temporary staff are yet to be discovered. How can this untapped resource benefit you and your team? Here are some ways in which temporary staff can add value to your team and make life easier for you.

  • Temporary staff are available at short notice. Agencies have a specialised and extensive database of temporary employees who are available to fill a variety of roles when needed. This helps to eliminate the delay associated with advertising, interviewing and sourcing people. All you need to do is make one phone call to your specialised temporary Recruitment Consultant.
  • Temporary staff are flexible. They have the ability to fill a variety of roles in a variety of industries. They can help out in a number of different departments and assist where they are most needed.
  • Having worked at a number of different organisations, temporary employees bring with them fresh ideas and new ways of doing things, making themselves a valuable addition to your team.
  • As temporary employees are just that - temporary - you have the flexibility to hire, extend and terminate assignments according to your workload needs.
  • Temporary staff are convenient employees as they decrease head count. They are not actually your employees; temporary staff are employed by the agency, which means the agency will cover employee costs included wages, payroll tax, superannuation and workers compensation, etc. All you need to do is pay the one hourly rate that includes all on-costs. This ultimately means less paper work, responsibility and hassle for you and your staff, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Even when looking for permanent staff, think about a "temporary to permanent" situation. This enables you to trial your new employee before committing to putting them on permanently. It also gives your new recruit a chance to see if they are happy with their new position. So if you discover that things are not working out as planned, you can terminate the arrangement and start looking again.

Recruitment Consultants are there to advise and help you fulfil your recruitment needs. If you would like to know more about professional temporary staff, contact Corrine McDonald, our Specialist Temporary Recruitment Consultant, who will be able to assist you with any enquires.