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How to get the most from your Recruitment Consultant

Finding the right consultant to help you with your recruitment needs can be a challenging task, so when you find the right one you want them to work to your advantage.

There are a few simple points to keep in mind to get the most out of your consultant. By considering these easy points you can help them to help you.

  • While working with your consultant on a job brief it is important to keep them well informed through out the recruitment process, especially if the job brief changes at all or you fill the position by other means. Take some time out to meet with your consultant to ensure they have a sound and thorough understanding of your particular requirements. A little extra time spent at this stage may save you a lot of time and money later.
  • E-mail or fax job briefs through to your consultant as soon as possible, to enable your consultant to begin working on them straight away.
  • Be as detailed as you can, covering areas of responsibilities, attributes, background, skills, salary, future prospects, hours, benefits, etc. If you need assistance putting a job specification together, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t forget your consultant is an expert in this area, this is what they do for a living.
  • When you see a good candidate act fast. Good candidates disappear quickly in today's market. Once your decision is made you should inform your consultant immediately, so they can approach the candidate and make an offer on your behalf. All it takes to miss out on a great candidate is minutes sometimes.
  • Let the consultant know if you have advertised and what stage those applications are up to, this will eliminate cross over of candidates.
  • Inform the consultant if there is more than one agency working on the role, to avoid doubling up on candidates and advertisements in the same media.
  • Forewarned if forearmed. Give the consultant as much time as possible to work on your temporary or permanent role to enable them to locate the most suitable candidate.
  • Feedback is an important part of the recruitment process. The more feedback given, the more informed the consultant is of your requirements.

Consultants are there to advise and help you fulfil your recruitment needs. For further information in regards to making recruiting as easy as possible for you, just ask your consultant

Prepared by Corrine McDonald B.Sc Consultant - Temporary Division