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    How to Harness the Power of Praise

    Make your office a more effective place to work by catching people doing something right!

    "Another day another dollar," "Thank God it’s Friday"- Why are so many common phrases about work so negative?

    What would it take for your staff to say: "Another day, another welcome challenge," and "Thank God it’s Monday"?
    Some managers claim the best way to motivate staff is through the wallet: increase pay, raise allowances, give more cash incentives. But while money is certainly useful, it is not the only key to human motivation.
    Sincere recognition can mean a lot more than just another dollar in the bank. A genuine pat on the back, given at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons, and in front of the right people; can boost staff morale and commitment in ways that money never will.
    Move beyond sporadic incentive schemes and predictable "Employee of the Month" contests. These may work on a short-term basis, but they do not create a challenging and inspirational company culture.

    You can make a bigger difference! Here are 4 key steps to help you build the long-term morale of your all-important team.

    1. Learn from Everyone’s Mistakes

    In an environment of challenge and growth, people must try things they’ve never done before. And they will make mistakes. In a healthy and rewarding culture, people must be encouraged to learn from their mistakes, then quickly regroup and rebuild. Managers should work with employees to understand, rectify and improve.

    Together they should attack the problems- not the people involved!

    2. Make Appraisal Criteria Clear

    Make sure your staff understands how they are being appraised for increments, bonuses and promotions. However you decide to evaluate, staff must understand the criteria for their evaluation. Introduce your standards for appraisal during the initial hiring process, explain it further during new employee orientation, and clarify the process consistently through staff meetings, newsletters and executive forums.

    3. Encourage Career Development

    Make sure the conversation of career development is always open. Show you care about future possibilities and potential, not just current results or past achievements. Help staff understand those competencies required for a successful future. Help your team chart career progressions that are sustainable and realistic within your company.

    4. Create Powerful Rewards and Meaningful Recognition

    Tailor in-house reward and recognition programs to strengthen your company culture.
    Most rewards are handed down from the top, but why stop there? You can encourage recognition in all directions. Why not involve your employees, teams, customers and suppliers in recognising where recognition is deserved, and in what form it should be given. And remember to reward the rewarders. Give special recognition to those managers who excel at recognising their own staff.

    Catch people doing something right. That means recognising good actions whenever and wherever you see them.

    Give merit to your deserving "Employee of the Moment" – why wait for the end of the month?

    To make the change and to make it last, you must build your company culture. Create a community of recognition, encouragement and support.
    It is not an easy job and the change won’t happen overnight, but you must take the lead and meet this important challenge. The company you build and the people you inspire may be your greatest rewards of all.

    Extract from: Article written by Ron Kaufman

    Copyright, Ron Kaufman. All rights reserved.

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