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    The 90ís have been predominately characterised by corporate restructures, mergers and takeovers that have resulted in a large number of redundancies. Gone are the days of a secure job - at some stage in our lives all of us will most probably be touched by redundancy. For the most part, those who have been affected the most have been the middle aged. Unfortunately unemployment statistics do not reflect the true picture of unemployment in this age group as most have been forced into early retirement. Many in this age group donít have the desire to retire early due to financial commitments, personal reasons or simply because they enjoy working.

    Although the Anti Discrimination Act of 1977 makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone on the basis of age, studies have indicated that employers have minimal interest in hiring someone over 45 and virtually no interest in someone who is 56 years +. For the most part, many employers feel that more mature workers are less dynamic and adaptable. Bringing with them a wealth of expertise, this group is able to overcome the inexperience of youth. Given that the 45 year old age bracket will be the largest labour group by 2020, employers will be presented with a challenge that will force a change in perceptions and attitudes.

    Mature workers can prove to be a valuable asset to any team, drawing on their experience and reliability, and contrary to popular belief, adaptability. Next time you are presented with someone who does not quite fit the mould, be sure to judge him or her on the person they are and not a preconceived notion. You may well miss out on a long term, committed and valuable employee.

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