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    Trust In The Workplace

    One of the benefits of building a trusting organisation is that people in such a setting feel truly motivated and inspired to the very best they can each day. This level of trust is especially put to the test when there are no managers around.

    Trust is an essential part in managing people and building a high-performance organisation. Itís the foundation upon which all relationships are built. If employees feel you donít trust them to do their jobs correctly, theyíll be reluctant to do much without your approval. On the other hand, when they feel trusted, and that you believe theyíll do the right things well, theyíll naturally want to do things well and be deserving of your trust.

    Every organisation depends on relationships, internally and externally. And relationships depend on trust. But that feeling must go in both directions. Itís not enough for you to trust your employees. Theyíve got to trust you as well. Workers want to trust and believe in their managers. They want to believe that their managers are really looking out for their best interests. Your people are your greatest resource. You may have hired them for their aptitudes, but the key to greater performance lies in their attitudes. The more you can do to build hope and trust in your employees, the more motivated they will be.

    How do I build trust and hope in my organisation?

    Respect Your Followers Respect is built on a mutual understanding that you and your employees all have a stake in the organisations future and success.

    Watch How You Say It How and when, you say something can actually be more important than the message itself.

    Do What You Say Your Going To Do Use your position to build credibility among your employees and to increase their faith and hope in you and the organisation.

    Communicate Openly The best way for you to build trust is to communicate openly with your employees. Be open and consistent, sharing information as it becomes available and inviting questions and comments from your employees.

    Listen And Donít Argue Listening speaks louder than words in conveyancing respect and love. If you donít understand or agree with someone, ask more questions. Be patient and considerate.

    Point Out The Positive Notice the good things about people and talk about them. That rewards their efforts and encourages them to try even harder.

    Appreciate What Others Have To Say Show people that you value their perspectives. If you focus on asking rather than telling, youíll be amazed at what you learn.

    Show Your Human Side Share your mistakes, your hopes, and your dreams. Be down to earth and straightforward with people. Donít hide your mistakes or try to find excuses. Employees will respect and appreciate your honesty and humanity.


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