Discovering People


    Issue #49

    Creating Team Spirit


    Business depends on people and on their relationships. They are the heart and the soul, the brains and the muscle in our systems.

    Successful teams have spirit. " Team Spirit" is cohesive, energizing, and compelling. It brings everyone together to work toward a common goal.

    What can you do as a manager to encourage your team to care about each other and what they are doing together?

    1. Donít hold a grudge against an employee. Forgive and help them learn from mistakes. This sets a good example for others in your team.

    2. Show your team members that you care about them, as people and as employees.

    3. Recognise that you need your employees to care about you as well.

    4. Caring requires energy, it is a conscious decision you need to make and carry out each day.

    In general, the longer team members work together the more effective the team becomes. As relationships develop, they contribute to a unified effort that pulls everyone together in getting the job done. When this happens it almost becomes second nature for the team to perform at higher and higher levels.

    Through working together employees learn how to become a more productive unit. They also learn to do more for themselves.

    Try to build a sense of community among your employees. It can be a powerful force that motivates each of them to try a little harder, to be a little smarter, to do more and to do it better. That feeling of community is essential in inspiring motivated teamwork.

    Source: Abridged Ė Chapter 10 "Inspiring Motivated Teamwork" authors Anne Bruce and James S Pepitone.


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