Discovering People

Would you like to create a more enjoyable and productive work environment for you and your staff? Then start having fun!

Do you want to decrease sick days, promote greater job satisfaction, boost employee performance, increase productivity, and suffer less down time? Of course! But how? By encouraging fun. These are among the bottom-line benefits of a fun work environment.

Employees who are having fun at work might well be showing the single most important trait of highly effective and successful organisations. We know from both qualitative and quantitative data that "fun at work" doesn't have to be an oxymoron. There is direct correlation between fun on the job and employee productivity, creativity, morale, satisfaction, and most of all, retention - not to mention greater customer satisfaction and a host of other benefits. In other words, people in this kind of environment come to see work as a place to fulfil many different needs, reinforcing their motivation to perform at a high level. In a work place that encourages fun, employees have:

  • Lots of energy
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Enthusiasm for their work
  • Team spirit
  • Sustainable motivation and
  • Positive attitudes

Here are some tips to get you started on creating a fun workplace.

  • Laugh with people, not at them
  • Lighten up. Don't take yourself too seriously
  • Laugh out loud and adopt a fun attitude
  • Think with a sense of humour, find the humour in every situation
  • Plan to have a good time
  • Help others see the lighter side of things
  • Be outrageous
  • Be a role model for fun. Show how to have fun and still work hard
  • Set up some creativity sessions to help employees and managers learn how to think outside the square
  • Innovate! It can be fun to find better, cheaper, faster ways of doing things
  • Motivate employees with personal thanks and public praise
  • Invite an employee with a great sense of humour to be "in charge of fun"
  • Follow your intuition and be spontaneous
  • Share good news and funny moments and encourage your staff to do the same

These suggestions might be summed up by simply in the following advice: Be human, find ways to enjoy what you're doing, share the good feelings with your employees and encourage them to share their enjoyment.

The key to real success - and to motivated employees - is having people who really want to do their jobs and who love to come to work. These people enliven the work place and energise their co-workers. That is the difference having fun at work can make.