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    Issue #27

    Finding Your Career Path?

    People donít necessarily know what they really want to do career wise when they finish studying. In fact, many people still donít know what they want to do when they have been in the work force for many years.

    When attempting to chose or change a career path, identify your interests and preferences against your skills to find the most challenging and remunerative position. Look for an occupation that will give you a high level of personal satisfaction, but be realistic, strive for that balance between the head and the heart. In order to do this you need to ask yourself?

    • What skills do I possess and what am I suited to do?
    • Is there a demand for these skills in the market place, now & in the foreseeable future?
    • What will the world let me do, given what I have done before?

    No longer do you need to have worked in a specific industry in order to be employed in a particular area. Itís more a question of translating your skills as they relate to the position on offer. Convincing a potential employer that you are capable or can make the switch and handle the job is ultimately up to you, however, it is here that your recruitment consultant can help you.

    Recruitment consultants have contacts with their client companies, to whom they can speak directly on your behalf. So before approaching a company yourself, talk to a professional consultant, and see which companies they represent and what they are prepared to do on your behalf. Your recruitment consultant can help acquaint you with the latest job hunting methods ranging from networking, effective resume writing, attitude, retraining and upgrading your skills and interview technique.

    Source: Seek

    Always remember your consultant can be a great source of information and is here to help you achieve your job seeking goals. Therefore feel free to contact us at anytime with any of your questions. (02) 9570 2411