Discovering People


A job for life is fast becoming a thing of the past. Many people now change their jobs several times throughout their working life. Whether or not you are faced with this task due to your position being made redundant or you are just tired of doing the same thing day in day out – changing careers is a daunting task.

When changing careers the first step is most likely to determine your own employability. It is no longer the responsibility of the employer to determine a person’s career path, rather it is the individuals to do this. Know what you are capable of doing and what you still need to improve on. It is important for us to update our own skills, learn fresh skills and also multi skill. Make sure your skills are transferable and meet market demands.

When making that career change:

  • Ensure you know what skills you possess and how they would transfer into the new positions.
  • Research your chosen career – For example, investigate likely employers or talk to other people in similar positions.
  • Be flexible – you may need to take a few steps back to get into the role you want.
  • Be persistent and persevere – have the staying power in the face of setbacks is critical to your success.
  • Have confidence in your own abilities.
  • Support your career change by completing relevant courses.
  • Use setbacks as a chance to analyse what went wrong and how you can learn from that experience.
  • Look at what else you have to offer such as your fresh perspective, enthusiasm and a determination to succeed.

Always remember your consultant can be a great source of information and is here to help you achieve your job seeking goals – therefore feel free to contact us at any time with any of your questions. (02) 9570 2411