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    Tips when starting a new job


    So you got the job! Of all the candidates that applied, were interviewed, referenced checked, and put through the wringer- you came out on top! It’s not time to sit back now- you need to show your new employer that they have made the right choice!

    Here are a few tips to build up your credibility:

    • The first few weeks in any job involves a lot of introductions. Ask for an organisational chart and write down all of the employee’s names as you meet them. Quickly learning who your co-workers are and what they do, will make it easier for you to work out how you fit in.
    • Focus immediately on familiarising yourself with the basics of your role. Take down notes! It is better to have too much information, than asking the same thing repeatedly.
    • Sit down and establish with your boss, your roles priorities and goals for the next three, six and twelve months. Not only will your boss be impressed, it will confirm discussions at the interview stage in terms of expectations of you and your performance.
    • Ask your boss for recommendations as to what you should be doing in your role over the first few weeks. This ensures that there is no doubt or confusion in anyone’s mind, until you get into the flow of everyday business.
    • Make sure you familiarise yourself with your new colleague’s correct names- pronunciation and spelling, their correct title and how they prefer to be addressed.
    • Try to get a feel for the culture and politics of the organisation- where the power bases lie, and what the unwritten rules are, eg. Parking in "someone’s" car spot. Ask amongst other employees as it could avoid starting off on the wrong foot with somebody.
    • Avoid making comparisons between your old and new company. Even if you feel that your old employer did something better, don’t comment at this early stage.

    Once you have established your position, and the timing is right, then you can suggest ways for improvement.

    • If other colleagues haven’t made the first move, then introduce yourself to them. Do anything that will establish you as a friendly person in the company. Not only will it make your time with the organisation happier; happy, accepted employees are more productive and successful!

    So when starting that next perfect role, take the above mentioned points into consideration and hopefully the transition should be an easy one, into a long lasting and happy career!

    Source: "Getting That Job. How to Establish and Manage Your Career in the New Millennium" Author; Geoff Morgan & Andrew Banks, Morgan and Banks, 1999



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