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The internet is no doubt a useful resource when it comes to sourcing information on a multitude of topics. But how useful is it when searching for a job?

For the most part, the internet is perceived as the best medium to use when seeking a new position. Given that there has been a 66% increase in online job advertising in 2001, it is quite surprising to find that statistics show the opposite.

For example, the success rate in using the internet as the only means of searching for a job in IT is as low as 10% and only 1% for all other industries.

Reasons for this are various. The internet presents us with such a plethora of information that it can at times become overwhelming. Newspapers on the other hand, tend to present information in a more orderly fashion.

But even more surprising is the fact that approximately 80% of jobs aren’t even advertised to the general public. Many companies choose to go through recruitment agencies or will tap into the hidden job market (word of mouth) which means that the most effective way of finding a position is to start networking! So to maximise your job search opportunities, be sure to maintain contact with your Recruitment Consultant and keep your ears open as well as your eyes!

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