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    Happy Days

    Feeling tired, dreading work, being over-sensitive to constructive criticism and not getting the results you would like are all signs it's time for a change.

    Sometimes these problems appear to be linked to another area such as relationships but it is because you are putting so much energy into your work that you become too tired for your partner or family.

    People who are happy in their work bounce out of bed looking forward to the day. People who are not happy take more sick days and have more days off. Little things become a big problem and can evolve to the point where they lose confidence in their ability.

    Often people are not satisfied with what they are doing because of the whole equation of the organisation. Sometimes the problem is not the job but the culture of the organisation they are working in. While a job may match your academic skills, it may not necessarily be an area you are passionate about. If you are good at something but you don't like doing it very much it will be a source of conflict.

    People are often too quick to throw the baby out with the bath water and may take drastic action when only a small adjustment is needed. The answer often lies in a realignment of work and life commitments, but that many people do not feel they can talk to their superiors about their problems and negotiate a compromise.

    Dr Susie Linder-Pelz, the director of career coaching company Good Decisions, says people's work satisfaction can be measured in emotional signals.

    "It is all based on how you feel," she says. "If you are not enjoying getting up and you are feeling sick about work, feeling trapped and unfulfilled or stressed and depressed, then it is time to reconsider." If your talents aren't being recognised or your values don't fit the culture of the organisation then it becomes a struggle to maintain the balance between work and life," she says.

    Warning signs

    • Dreading work.
    • Taking more sick days.
    • Stress & Headaches.
    • Irritability with friends, family and colleagues.
    • Feeling under-appreciated.
    • Poor concentration.
    • Lack of enthusiasm.
    • Resentment towards colleagues.
    • Feeling achievements are not being recognised.
    • Loss of social time.
    • Argumentative.
    • Inability to take constructive criticism.
    • Personality clashes with colleagues and superiors.

    Source: SMH, Nov 2002

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