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    Issue #30

    Confidence is the Key

    If you can dream it, you can do it!

    The key to nailing that promotion or ideal job is having the confidence to turn your dream into a reality. Most people, given the opportunity, would like to have more confidence in themselves, but it is not always easy to generate. Having a positive self attitude - feeling self-reliant and assured, being able to tackle a problem with enthusiasm and vitality – is something over which you DO have control.

    There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that successful people, of all walks of life, have the ability to create more positive ‘self talk’ than others.

    Here are a few ways to improve your "internal" self-talk:

    • Create a "success image" of yourself. This involves remembering things, which you have done well in the past, however small. Focus on this image and do not let it fade. No matter how badly things seem to go, keep drawing on your success image.
    • Chase away those negative thoughts. If you feel negative thoughts looming, overshadow them with positive ones. Positive thoughts could include memories of being congratulated by your boss on a job well done, or an interview that went really well. They could also be feelings of personal achievement, or a favourite scene that puts you at peace with yourself.
    • In times of stress we imagine obstacles which prevent us making a success of our lives. STOP and use your internal powers of persuasion to dispel them.
    • Mix with positive and successful people. Stay away from negative influences – they are always critical and project this negativity.
    • Have a mentor but do not allow yourself to be awestruck to the point where you do not believe you can not match their success. Remember that nobody can be you as well as you.
    • If you have deep inferiority blocks, don’t be afraid to gain the assistance of a counsellor. Self – knowledge often leads to a solution.
    • Make a true assessment of your abilities and then raise it 10 per cent. This is not being egotistical; it is just a matter of positive thinking.

    If you choose to be confident and happy, you will be comfortable and in control. Tackle life in a positive manner and you can overcome most obstacles. If you are enthusiastic and single-minded about your convictions and where you channel your energy, you will get results!!!

    Source: Geoff Morgan & Andrew Banks 1999

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