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    Tips on Writing the Perfect Covering Letter


    When applying for positions, many people fret over their coversheet – how long should it be? How much information should I provide? What exactly am I supposed to write?

    Here are some key pointers to help you write a successful cover letter to complement your resume and secure your next job interview.

    Keep it brief and succinct – you want your cover letter to be read, so keep it simple and to the point. Don’t repeat the details outlined in your resume or include irrelevant information. A cover sheet should be no longer than half a page.

    Information to include – make reference to the position you are applying for and where you saw the advertisement. Highlight the skills you have that match those the employer is looking for - these are usually specified in the ad. If they’re not, have a think about the attributes and experience you have that would be relevant to this position.

    Enthusiasm tell the employer why you are interested in the role.

    Be professional in your correspondence – make sure you come across as confident and in control, not cocky or disrespectful.

    Spell check! - Use it.

    Also have someone else read over your covering letter. Sometimes it is difficult to pick up your own errors.

    Remember, a potential employer has limited time when reading through applications, so make yours count.

    Below is an example of a good covering letter to use as a guide. Good luck!

    Kate Smith

    12 Forest Road

    Hurstville NSW 2220

    Phone: 9570 2411 or 0410 ---


    13th August 2004


    Mr Martin Novo

    Financial Controller

    Company Name


    Dear Martin,

    I am writing in response to your advertisement in the SMH (12th August 2004) for a Financial Accountant – reference no. DP234.

    As mentioned in our telephone conversation earlier, I am very attracted to this role and believe my background is an excellent match with your company’s requirements.

    As you will see in my CV, I have developed a wide range of technical skills while working as an Accountant at KPMG and St George Bank for three and two years, respectively. I am degree qualified, possess extensive knowledge of statutory reporting requirements, and am proficient in Excel and Pronto. In my current role, I have also overseen the implementation of a new accounting system, which ran smoothly and on time.

    I would very much appreciate the time to discuss this opportunity further and can be contacted anytime during business hours on 0410 ------

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.



    Source: Morgan, G & Banks, A, Getting that Job, HarperCollins 1994.


    Always remember your consultant can be a great source of information and is here to help you achieve your job seeking goals – therefore feel free to contact us at any time with any of your questions. (02) 9570 2411