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    Issue #28

    Look Before You Leave?

    With 2005 already full steam ahead are your new year resolutions being put to the test? Did you resolve that this would be the year you apply yourself and excel in your chosen career, or perhaps you decided to choose a new career path?

    If you are considering taking the major step of leaving your current position, take some time to consider not only what it is you are seeking, but also what you are leaving behind. The grass may only LOOK greener on the other side of the fence. When re-evaluating your employment circumstances you need to consider what is MOST important to you:

      • Security
      • Job Interest & Fulfilment
      • Adequate Non-financial Recognition
      • Motivational Leadership
      • Pay for Performance
      • Learning / Challenging Environment

    Before you make the move be sure the odds are in your favour. You may be better off staying put and gaining more experience to improve your chances of obtaining the ideal job. Alternatively you may want to discuss your concerns with your current employer; they may be able to accommodate your needs – if not immediately then perhaps in the future. However, if you do decide to stay where you are, ensure it is for the right reason and none of the following:

    • You are feeling comfortable and it’s easy to rationalise staying put.
    • You are worried your skills will not translate to another industry.
    • Financial pressure - to make a career change you may initially have to take a reduction in pay.
    • Status quo - you are appreciated where you are; you will have to re-establish your credibility.
    • You remember what your job used to be like and think it will pick up and revert back to what it was.
    • It may be convenient in some other way, for example it enables you the freedom to achieve another goal outside of your career: further education; starting a family – which is fine but do not lose sight of your original goal.

    Whilst many people fear making a career change. Afraid their new employer may not like them as much as their current employer, they may not do as well in the new position as they hoped. There are so many factors beyond their control, which could go wrong! Before you hand in your resignation and go in search of that dream job make sure you thoroughly evaluate your current circumstances and make an informed, not impulsive, decision.


    Source: Morgan & Banks – "Getting That Job"

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    #2870 Secretary to Managing Director Lurgano $40K to $45K + super

    #2857 Accounts Payable Mascot $40K + super

    #2856 Customer Support Mascot $40K + super

    #2881 Call Centre Operators Mascot $35K + super

    #2781 Telemarketers Botany $18 per hour + super

    #2860 Receptionist Milperra $33K + super

    #2873 Receptionist Alexandria $40K to $45K + super

    #2888 Accounts Payable North Sydney $35K to $40K + super

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