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    New Year, New Job



    The New Year has fast approached which brings about many of us setting the ritual New Years resolutions. Some of us may have been unhappy in our jobs in the buildup to Christmas, and believe that leaving our current employer will make us happier…this may not be the case.

    Before we do this we need to work out what makes us unhappy in our current role, and what we expect to get out of a new job that will make us happier. It is easy to think that you will be better off elsewhere, but this may not be the best option. The next company may have all of the same elements that you dislike and you may be caught up in a repetitive job trap.

    You need to work out where your dissatisfaction lies- if it relates to your workplace, look at ways in which you can try to improve your work environment. It may be a case of talking to your manager to resolve any workplace issues or to deal with any conflict that you may have with other employee’s. If they are personal issues, such as money matters, boredom in your role, or want for a promotion, these are all things that may be resolved with your manager also.

    Try to resolve problems at work- do not let workplace or personality issues deter you from achieving your career goals.

    If the matter is more serious and you believe that your employer is acting illegally or dishonoring your award or contract, don’t assume that you must leave. There are a number of people or organisations that you can turn to for assistance, such as your professional association, Workcover, the Department of Industrial Relations, a solicitor, or even another supervisor in your organisation.

    So if a new job was on the top of your New Years resolution list this year, think about it seriously. Look at the pro’s and con’s of you current workplace, and try to deal with your personal dissatisfactions. By doing this it should increase the chances of success in a new role, or you may find that your current job is not that bad after all!

    Source: Seek

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