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    Issue # 34

    Improve your skills, Improve your opportunities!

    "Computer skills are viewed as the fourth plank of literacy behind reading, writing and arithmetic."

    Learning is growing, and whether or not you are employed there is always room for self-development to enhance your career path. Computer skills are an area that many candidates refer to as their one weakness, or a target for improvement. Enhancing your computer skills is easy, and very impressive to current and potential employers alike.

    Updating your computer skills will enable you to stand out in the crowd. Furthermore you will have expanded your skills base, allowing you to consider roles you may have been unsuitable for in the past.

    Discovering People has training software available to our registered candidates free of charge. The software package is very user friendly and covers Windows and Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook). If you are interested in taking advantage of our free in-house training, please contact Gina in our office on 02 9570 2411 to secure an appointment.

    If you are seeking a more formal training option please visit the websites listed below for further information on local training providers:



    If you would like more information on the services offered by Discovering People such as training, joining our team of temps, or simply to update your availability on our database, please call Discovering People today on 02 9570 2411 or email

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