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    Dealing with the Difficult Issue of Resigning


    Ok, so you hate your job. There must be over one hundred ways to leave your employer, but file those revenge fantasies, as there are a lot of good reasons for leaving gracefully.

    Most of us work because we have to. If we are lucky, we also enjoy our job. All of us have worked in jobs we have hated, and most of us have left jobs because of that reason. But whether we love or hate our job, or our boss, we have both rights and responsibilities in our employment. The first lesson for any worker is to know your rights and honour you responsibilities.

    Know your obligations. Know what notice you must give. The responsibility is on you to know the award and conditions, which cover your employment.

    • If you are leaving to take a new position, make sure your new job is confirmed in writing before leaving.
    • Tell your boss you are resigning before you tell other work mates
    • Know your entitlements
    • Leave in the best possible way
    • Clearly state to your employer that you want to leave on the best possible terms
    • Never make negative or threatening comments- they will haunt you in the future
    • Inform them you will be seeking a reference
    • Look forward, not backwards
    • Check your responsibilities and offer a simple letter of resignation that meets them
    • Think about maintaining contact with your previous workplace; and
    • Try to improve your performance before you leave, rather than let it slip- it is those last memories that stay with employers.

    The most important point to remember is to leave your job on good terms. Try to resolve problems and never quit in anger. Try to separate the personalities from the grievances. These days reference checks are a standard process in recruitment, and a bad exit is a very difficult thing to reconcile with a prospective employer. You have to remember that the way you handle your job, including leaving that job, is an important indicator of your suitability for future positions.

    Donít let anger or emotions when resigning ruin your chances of securing that next perfect position!

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