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    Issue #31

    Sell Yourself Successfully

    "100% Product Confidence!"

    Selling yourself to a potential employer is based upon the same sales techniques and principles employed by any professional sales person. There are five basic steps to a successful sale:

    1. APPROACH: In order to sell anything, a sales person MUST know and understand who it is that they are approaching even though they have never met them before. You can use this tactic when selling yourself to an employer, in a similar way that sales people determine potential buyers, via research! Research the job market and determine where your skills and attributes are needed most and can be utilised most effectively. Target an industry and determine if it is one in which you may be interested in pursuing a career. Information can be gathered via the internet, including specific company websites, and also asking individuals employed within the industry about their personal experiences.
    2. INTEREST: Once you have researched prospective industries and determined which is the one for you, you must create an interest in the product on offer, YOU! Your first step to creating an interest is presenting a relevant and appealing resume and associated letter of introduction. Spend time tailoring your resume to the position so that it reflects all of the requirements for the role. It is the first step in impressing and compelling the person reviewing the resumes to approach you for an interview. If you do not hear from the employer, follow up via effective phone technique to show your enthusiasm and aim to set up an interview.
    3. NEED: If there is a need within the company, and they have advertised the position in which you are interested, then you are already half way there. Otherwise you may need to direct market yourself to potential employers. You can also discuss your needs and/or wants with your Recruitment Consultant and requesting they do this on your behalf, as they already have an existing database of clients with whom they have strong relationships.
    4. DESIRE: If you have done your groundwork and know the industry and how you fit into it, remain positive and enthusiastic as this will be desirable to any prospective employer. Creating a desire in potential employers, if they are not in the market for a new employee, is tough. But in the current candidate shortage market employers are likely to be much more open to securing a good quality employee sooner rather than missing out later.
    5. CLOSE: Finally, you must close the sale in the interview by thoroughly preparing yourself in advance and actually closing the deal by asking for the job! Doing this may seem difficult, but it is crucial to your success and really what have you got to lose? The job interview is your opportunity to demonstrate your personal attributes, strengths, personality, communication skills, and ability to cope under pressure. Be enthusiastic, develop and build rapport with the interviewer, and ask good questions which demonstrate that you have done your homework.

    Being prepared, focused, enthusiastic, and committed to securing the position will put you a step ahead of the competition, and ensure that you make the sale!

    Source: Geoff Morgan & Andrew Banks 1999

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