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Cover Letter : What’s the Point?

A cover letter is an important document used to introduce yourself to an employer. Given the number of applications an employer will receive for a position it is imperative that you are able to catch their attention straight away to avoid having your letter not read at all. The key to writing a successful cover letter is to keep it concise, relevant and at the same time, individual. Limit your letter to one page and avoid re-iterating your resume. 

Essentially, your cover letter is an argument for why an employer should take the time to see you so it should highlight relevant skills and attributes that may not be contained in your resume.

Keep in mind that the cover letter sets the first impression of you and will be indicative of your communication style and attention to detail. Make sure that your letter is professionally presented and does not contain any spelling or grammar errors. And be sure not to rely solely on your computerised spell checker! Rather, have a family member or friend read through it as well.

Here is a basic structure for a cover letter:

Paragraph one: Refer to the advertisement you are responding to
* Paragraph two: State why you are interested in the role / Reason for applying
* Paragraph three: Outline why you are suitable for the role
* Paragraph four: Request an opportunity to discuss your application further in an interview

Be sure to look at the advertisement to see what the desired attributes and skills are when responding, to ensure that you meet the criteria. More importantly, be yourself and let your individuality shine through!

Good Luck! 


If you live in the St. George or Sutherland shire areas you have no doubt noticed in your local newspaper "The Leader", that the small business awards are on again.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for nominating our business and we are all excited and looking forward to the awards ceremony on Friday 29th June 2003.  If you would like to join us on this very special evening, please free contact Michelle for more information.

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