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Managing the human face of change


Australian companies are finding themselves in an unprecedented arena of change. Forget airliners, terrorists and anthrax. These matters tend to be overridden when compared with the day to day issues of technological advance, regulation change, new tax regimes and market fluctuations.

 For managers, the human dimension is one of continued stress and difficulty. When the decision is made to "cut staff" or "retrench" there are not only the emotional, personal issues but also the reputation of the company to consider. This is when a professional approach, which is affirmative of the employee and gives a positive future vision of change, can have significant benefits. 

The first is that the company retains its integrity in the process. Despite the negative emotions which can surface for the employee, there is a view established that the company is simply not walking away, but is taking a real involvement in the future of the person who has served the company previously. 

The second is that the person who has been retrenched is not simply cast on their own resources, but they are given proper professional help in transition. This involves a professional counselling of the person to establish their view of themselves and their marketplace strengths. From there to offer guidance and support when looking for future job opportunities and to effectively communicate their skills and benefits to a prospective employer. 

If a company invests in this service on behalf of those who have to be retrenched there are some hidden benefits. Yes, business reputation and the keeping of employee morale, together with the real possibility that valuable trade initiatives and secrets will be kept intact through goodwill. 

Discovering People have put together a significant package of professional help for both sides of this difficult equation.

How can Discovering People help with the human change issues which face your business?

There are times when management is a special kind of loneliness. Often it is at the points of business change. The most stressful times are when a business decides to expand or contract. In either situation, there are people issues to address. This is when it helps to have an independent and professional contact outside the company. Someone who can act as a sounding board and as a part of the process to ease the tension of the emotional issues. Discovering People has been a significant partner for many businesses in times of change both as a consultant and as a service provider. 

In a time of contraction, Discovering People can enable management to effectively deal with the issues raised when having to ask valuable staff to take leave or leave the company completely. This is an emotional process for both sides and an independent party can often smooth otherwise ruffled feathers.

Further, the staff member who is being retrenched can then receive counselling, new career focus and exposure to the job marketplace through the Discovering People network. The transition from one workplace to another is eased and some of the possible long term feelings on both sides defused. 

When the company is in expansion mode, there are growth problems which can also create tensions. Decisions as to when to hire staff, when things are getting to overload stage, how to position new people in the structure, can all be a drain on the company's time and energy. 

Discovering People can provide people solutions in quality temporary and permanent personnel. Discovering People are specialists in Business Support, Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Management placements. 

Talk to Discovering People about where you are as a company. We'll put in place with you a plan of people management that will be professional, cost effective and a positive comfort zone for both management and staff alike.


Professional Recruitment Service

Working with a wide range of organisations to provide quality temporary and permanent recruitment solutions across Business Support, Accounting, Sales and Marketing and Management functions.

Outplacement Service

Working with companies to provide support to retrenched employees by offering them counselling, career guidance and help looking for another job.

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